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Updated: May 7, 2020

Is there anyone else who feels like we’re all in a time out? I certainly do! During these challenging times of sitting around and waiting for the government to let us all out of time out, wouldn’t it better for us all to take control of our own lives, and finances, and start our own businesses? Well, we certainly have the time!

According to FreshBooks’ 3rd Annual Report, 24 Million Americans want to become self-employed by 2021, but face barriers to making the leap. “Tens of millions of Americans have told us that their ‘dream job’ is to work for themselves,” said Mike McDerment, Co-founder and CEO at FreshBooks. Despite the fact that Being Your Own Boss seems to be the new American Dream, factors such as being worried about inconsistent income, having cash to invest or needing to pay down debt first, lacking a complete business plan, worrying about earning less money, and not wanting to give up health benefits are holding the majority of these people back.

Also, according to, In 2016, nearly 53 million Americans were freelancers, that’s 34% of the workforce! They went on to project that by 2020 43% of the U.S. workforce will be freelancers. Freelancers are independently contracted and can cover relations with multiple clients. Multiple clients are easier to please than the traditional workforce setting where the only client is your boss.

So here we are now in 2020, with all that said, and all of the present circumstances considered, I think now is the perfect time to become our bosses! Especially considering that 43 percent of the workforce is already freelancers. That, to me is already another step closer to becoming your own boss!

Besides the present circumstances of the National Quarantines and Shutdowns, here are more signs that t’s time to be your own boss:

1. The thought of being your own boss just doesn’t go away.

No matter how hard you tried to let it go, or how many excuses you come up with, ideas just keep coming to you about working for yourself.

2. Your current job isn’t satisfying anymore (if it ever was).

You may have been climbing the corporate ladder for a while but can’t seem to be fulfilled. Or no matter how many times you’ve conformed to what the good ‘ol boys say, you just keep getting passed over for that promotion.

3. You feel out of place while at work.

More and more you feel like you just don’t belong. It takes more and more energy, and in some cases negative energy, to show up to work.

Or you feel as though you’re compromising of who you are to continuing to work there.

4. Stress.

You hate the thought of going to work everyday. It makes you angry, frustrated, and stressed out to go to work, and while you’re at work.

5. Your health is being affected.

Along with the stress mentioned above, maybe you’re experiencing some heartburn, high blood pressure or sickness when it’s time to go to work or while at work.

If any of this sounds like you then you might be ready to join the ranks of so many self-employed people like yourself, such as Kristen R. Edens, Founder of who grew tired of the corporate politics, long hours, and commute that she endured each day and stepped out on faith, in the midst of a divorce, to start and build a successful career as a freelance writer. You could also take a page from Vienne Brown, Founder of VienneMilano who was a Program Manager at Akamai Technologies, who loved her co-workers and salary but didn’t like her job. It was when she decided to follow her heart in fashion, quit her job and pursued an idea she had for thigh highs that presented her with success.

At the end of the day, we can not allow fear to keep us from our living the lives that we dream of. Winston Churchill said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” So,let's control more of our lives. Let's let’s keep living, keep dreaming, and keep reaching for whatever it is that’s going to put a long blushing smile across those beautiful faces of yours.!

To join me on this ride as I commit to multiple streams of income check this link out:







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