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The New Asset Class That Can Give Economic Equality

According to Investopedia, an asset class is a grouping of investments that exhibit similar characteristics and are subject to the same laws and regulations. These asset classes are made up of instruments which often behave similarly to one another in the marketplace. Historically, the three main asset classes have been equities (stocks), fixed income (bonds), and cash equivalent or money market instruments. Currently, most investment professionals include real estate, commodities, futures, other financial derivatives, and even cryptocurrencies to the asset class mix.

Growing institutional and investor interest, as well as the increasing returns and demand of Bitcoin continues to provide evidence of it’s power as an asset class. “Bitcoin has potentially three uses: as an investment so people buy and hold and trade around it and hedge; then as digital value so you can use it as digital cash; and a third, as a transfer mechanism, so you can move along a digital rail," says Sandra Ro, executive director and digitization lead of CME Group which is one of the largest derivatives exchanges in the world.

According to Forbes, the Investability, Politico-Economic Profile, Correlation of Returns: Price Independence, and Risk-Reward Profiles of cryptocurrencies are the reasons why bitcoin represents a new asset class.

Due to the economic profile of cryptocurrencies, mainly the fact that they’re not governed by a small group of individuals and they enable money, in the form of bitcoin, to be sent across the world almost immediately and securely at minimal cost, bitcoin could prove to offer a viable solution to repairing economic equality and injustice for an unlimited amount of people around the globe. took a loose look at some reasons for economic inequality in an article written back in 2014 titled: The 4 Biggest Reasons Why Inequality Is Bad For Society. Yale Insights also published an article back in December 2018 titled, “The Roots Of Economic Inequality,” which was based on a study that showed that deeply ingrained social behaviors play a role in perpetuating economic inequality. However, neither of these articles tackled the main reasons for the economic inequality that spirals out into our society as economic injustice, and they are:

1. Slavery and 400 Years of Oppression. As such, 2019 was the anniversary of the “Arrival” of some and the illegal and false “Reclassification” of others who were sold into bondage in North America in 1619 at Jamestown, which has also caused their history, heritage, and identities to be stolen.

2. A False Sense of Entitlement. Due to the 400 Years of Oppression above, there has been a long standing false sense of entitlement by the so-called “majority” which causes them to also have an incorrectly placed superiority complex which they direct towards anyone of color and in turn there has been countless inventions, historical events, music and other major contributions to America which should have been attributed to people of color especially people of African Descent and Native Americans later reclassified as, Colored, Black and African Americans.

3. Jim Crow laws which furthered separation and division between people of color and white America, resulting in deep lines of racism in American culture further hindering the progression of people of color in every area of life while white people were not only continuing to progress as a whole, but were continuing to progress from inventions and events that should have originally been attributed to people of color, which causes more division and discension between the races while also resulting in white people developing a deep sense of false entitlement, superiority which resulted in what we know as white priviledge

These three major events above of which some people think can just be wiped away by not mentioning or ignoring them, have caused major damage and repercussions. However, thanks to droves of people, especially people of color awakening from centuries of fraud, lies, old mindsets and conspiracies; and cryptocurrency, the economic inequality created by all of the above look to be short lived. Cryptocurrency can become the voice of wealth that was once stolen from families of color through countless inventions, music and events that should have been attributed to many, many people of color.

While much has been taken away, stolen and rewritten, people of color are a very creative, gifted and adaptive people who have more than what it takes to create much more, invent much more and thrive through all they have been put through and with the help of Cryptocurrencies, the best is definitely yet to come!

Good luck to all who seek to rewrite their financial blueprint amid much awakening, awareness and mindfulness.








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