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The Bright Future of Cryptocurrency

As a thorn in the side for some and a breath of fresh air for others since 2008, crypto currencies, mainly bitcoin, has had a meteoric rise in the past couple of years. According to some financial experts, cryptocurrency is also a viable solution to the failing fiat currency system, and the obvious monetary revolution happening now before our eyes. Cryptocurrency has also been referred to “The People’s Money,” is admittedly in it’s infancy as far as development, and is going to alter the world as we know it forever. Wouldn’t it be great to be a part of and to take part in this paradigm shift?

The fact that the dollar hasn’t been backed by gold since the late 1970’s has allowed the banks to all but cripple the public, cause economic inequality wherever they chose, has resulted in many people looking for an alternative they trust. Cryptocurrency, not being able to be manipulated or controlled by anyone, anything or one particular group has strategically placed it outside the system and in perfect position for those of us who were not gifted with great entertainment or athletic careers another way to fulfill our goals, dreams and potential.

The peer-to-peer benefit allowing the middleman to be alleviated, decentralization, and the low cost fees have offered the public a refreshing option that many either don’t know much about or have been discouraged from learning about. Due to the corruption in the financial system, the Crypto-Space has become a safe place for the buying and selling of not just goods and services for many, but also of dreams past and future.

Due to the heavily questionable presence of the dollar and the stock market, many every day retailers, large and small and even many celebrities are getting in on this stress free commerce and are more open to receiving digital currencies as a more stable payment option. From boxers to rappers, journalists and actors, and even comedians and heiresses to Hollywood starlets and athletes cryptocurrency is offering a corruption free space allowing many to preserve their financial future, build the financial future they’ve been dreaming of, stake their claims, safely seek entrepreneurial success, step into the future of investing, transfer funds with minimal fees, conduct discreet business ventures and protect music from piracy.

Cryptocurrency is globally supported by millions of computers all over the world, and by being decentralized, there’s no way to shut it down which makes it highly resilient. It’s extremely verifiable and its monetary characteristics can’t be changed, which adds a level of structure and confidence that is no longer available when it comes to the dollar or the stock market.

During this Pandemic, we’ve had the largest stock market crash ever recorded in history but because everyone has continuously been distracted with getting sick, instead of being encouraged to build their immune systems and take care of their bodies, no one has being paying attention! Therefore, now is the perfect time to increase our Financial IQ, and get educated on precious metals and cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin.

There are a lot of great cryptocurrencies with lots of potential, who are offering the public, their customers and the entire world of business and commerce, innovation that could help us all through these changing times. Why not get in on, not only the bright future of cryptocurrency, but the bright future of our own lives? Because it is very bright, as long as we choose so.






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